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Leadership As A Police Chief: Advice From Those Who've Been There

Description: A series of open-ended questions was posed to a group of Texas municipal Police Chiefs to identify the challenges they experienced during their first year in this leadership role and to identify the advice they might offer to a newly appointed Police Chief. Additionally, information was collected on the participant’s perceptions of essential personal traits necessary for effective leadership as a Police Chief, as well as traits that might cause Chiefs to fail. The participants were involved in a recurring and mandated statewide educational program for Texas municipal Police Chiefs. Texas communities employ more than 1,000 municipal Police Chiefs who serve in geographically and demographically diverse settings throughout the State. The results identified several important areas for consideration that could be helpful for individuals who aspire to this top-level position or have been recently appointed. Additionally, based on these findings, suggestions regarding topics for police executive training are offered.

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Garner, R. (2019). Leadership As A Police Chief: Advice From Those Who've Been There [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 14(2), 171-182.

Keywords: police, police chief, leadership, traits, characteristics

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